Life Hacks

Why Audible WILL Change Your Life:

Please hear me out. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a must. No, you don’t have to be a book worm or to ever have been one. You simply need to have a phone that supports the app and AirPods (or any type of headphones) to drown out the world. Where to begin? So, a little over a year ago during the COVID lockdown, it began as a “free trial” membership. The incredible audible book that started it all was Where the Crawdads Sing. I got more done, while listening to that book, than I even knew was possible! I cooked, cleaned, organized and loved every minute. The work was mindless, as my brain was fully engaged in the story. I was now doing to my kids (ages 10, 12 and 13) what they did to me all the time. If you can’t beat’em….right? I’d have no clue they’d been talking to me. It was funny at first. We have since remedied this issue with a 1 AirPod only rule. We all are now a little more alert to the world around us (despite listening to music, talking to friends or becoming mad genius’ while listening to the stories and ideas from great literary minds on Audible). Smart, isn’t it? I was soon listening while walking the dog, while waiting for my kids to finish practice, while driving from client to client and while taking a shower. All those once quiet moments are now filled with adventure, story, and learning. I will link reviews and top 10 lists here, and soon. Mostly, I enjoy fiction (i.e. The Guest List, and The Liars Girl, both I would consider mysteries with excellent story tellers that have the most engaging Irish accents). I’ve also benefited from books on investment and self help books such as Atomic Habits. It’s a very recent good read and I personally have benefited from the idea of “habit stacking”. Again, I will post favorite lists with reviews and more, ASAP! I can also highly recommend Reese’s Book Club. It was my initial go to for recommendations and reviews. If you find your tastes similar to mine, I’ll try to make it a bit easier by only listing my ultimate faves. This can give you quick picks to run through.
I leave you with one last opportunity to benefit from Audible. Besides a cleaner, more organized home, I sleep so much better. A TV in your bedroom is a Feng Shui no, no. Watching tv at night will most likely keep you up. Audible has a sleep timer that can be set to shut off when you choose. I set mine for 30min but am out way before that time elapses. Closed eyes and my mind focused on the story, prevents my brain from spinning over all the many things I can do nothing about in the moment. I have even ventured into their sleep hypnosis audibles. When I am not engaged in a book, these do the trick. I do hope this insight helps your home to be a little cleaner, your life more organized, your mind sharpened by story and your sleep deepened and more immediate. I truly believe that I have found the perfect tool to sharpen the mind.

Need a little inspiration to get started? Here’s what has me at the edge of my seat… Enter the Dreaming again as the blockbuster audio adaptation of “the greatest epic in the history of comic books” continues in The Sandman – Act II. James McAvoy returns to voice Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams, in this sequel to the #1 New York Times audio best-seller. This is a Pre-order Purchase that Releases September 22,2021.