Let me introduce myself…

My name is Monique, currently living in Sarasota, Fl. I am a single parent of 3, and I often feel it’s all that defines me. Have you ever seen the bumper sticker that says “I am a single parent, what’s your super power?” I get it. Although, there are lots of technically non-single parent I know that deserve the same accolades. I have occasions were I can miraculously have three kids in three different places at one time or my favorite is when I miraculously make money, I don’t have, appear for unforeseen circumstances (all very legit and respectable, I promise and will share). Those are the moments that make me feel a bit super human. Unfortunately, those are very exhausting moments. My enjoyment of them only comes in the form of looking back with the thought, “how in the hell did I pull that off?” Mostly, I feel like a chicken with it’s head cut off. Sometimes, I feel I must have a guardian angel (Love you Grandma, XO). I don’t have anyone to pat me on the back and say “good job, everyone was on time today.” So, I write this blog for my own sanity. I plan to share, how I get things done and find a way to enjoy them. I write this so that later I can look back and see that I was a person of substance, despite the chaos. I have learned to survive physically, mentally, and somewhat monetarily. Maybe I can help someone along the way.


How I Use 3 Apps to Make Easy Money and Turn it into More…No Joke!

I only use 3 apps to get free money and then I play around with investments. It’s fun too. This is also money that I can readily access at any time. Let’s get to the point! The 3 apps are Google Opinion Rewards, PayPal and Robinhood (make that 4 apps if you include my bank). Remember this is free money. Google Opinion Rewards is cash rewards for very short 3-4 question surveys. It only takes me a few seconds to answer and I only receive $0.10-$0.50 per answer. DO NOT underestimate this, it adds up pretty quickly. I consider it the emergency fund I know I should have.

Once I have earned $2.00 from Google Opinion Rewards, the payout is sent automatically to my PayPal account. I always take advantage of the 1-3 days no fee transfer from PayPal to my bank. It being such a small amount, it does not make sense to give them a cut for instant access. I then transfer the funds from my Bank to Robinhood. Robinhood lets me invest in stocks by either dollar amount or share. This allows me to buy partial shares of stock when choosing to invest with a specific dollar amount. It is a good way to explore the investment world without high risk. By this I mean I’m using money I’m considering extra income. My choices have been mostly stocks with dividends that I have set Robinhood to automatically reinvest for me.

If you would like to checkout Robinhood, You can join with my link and we’ll both get a free stock 🤝



Robinhood is giving 5 people $20,000 toward tuition! If you sign up now with your .edu email, we both get an entry, cash reward, and a free stock 🤝 No purchase necessary.